Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mooooving Right Along

I finally had a chance to get a library card (had to wait to get mail that would work to prove my address is in this county). So I picked up some homeschool books for myself & some cow books to go with D's curriculum theme. We're going to finally finish out "first week" (that we've been doing for a month) this weekend!

G is sick, and has been home all but one day this week. Most of his time is spent sleeping, but when he's awake he's been having fun with some learning websites I found and added to his computer profile. I'm getting closer and closer to just pulling him out of school all together. I know he's been sick and that makes for a calmer kid anyway, but he's been a little angel this week since he hasn't had to be drug (literally) out of the house for public school.

In other news ~ I gave up facebook for Lent. I'm loving all the time I have to work on homeschooling my kidos now.

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