Saturday, March 5, 2011

Moving Stinks!

Not a thing to report on the homeschool front! I still haven't been able to finish our classroom up between moving and C's doctor appointments. It's in progress though, and I've been searching for curriculum to try out.

C's EEG was interesting to say the least. She was kept up all night so she would fall asleep for the EEG ... HA! For 3 hours we tried to get her to conk out (even tried a sedative) but she was too stimulated from the new environment. G slept through the entire thing, and I fell asleep about 10 times though. :) C was quiet for the testing though, and they did get a read. No seizure activity was recorded - so now it's back to the psychologist to find out our next step.

Until I can get my house organized we are just learning as we live. D will continue his 1st Letter of the Week stuff until we can do an actual week working on it - he's loving it and becoming obsessed with cows! G is continuing to work on addition because it keeps his mind busy.

I'll be back to posting when I get everything done around here.

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