Monday, March 28, 2011


Sorry I have been so absent ~ ok really I'm not, but I am glad I'm here for a quick update.

Canning facebook has been amazing! Not only am I not on the computer for facebook, but I am not on the computer much for anything else either.

We have been having fun learning & growing as a family. We have been making bread again. (Thank you hillbilly housewife for a great overnight bread recipe!)

I started school this week & I'm happy to report that it's going amazing! I love being in school, and having my kids homeschool is making ME want to do well in school too.

Ok, that is all I have for now ~ I'm off to bed. I will try and post a proper post tomorrow after I get done with school & housework.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Unpacking Feels GREAT!

I finally unpacked the boxes in my homeschool room tonight! It felt great to finally get that done. I'll take some photos tomorrow and post them.

I've been doing a lot of praying lately about the decision to homeschool, both about if I'm making the right choice and about money concerns. We'll tonight He answered in the form of a teacher's kindness. One of G & C's teachers at the PS is moving this summer, and tonight she knocked on the door with boxes full of children's books, educational toys, and some other odds and ends. She is cleaning out her closets so they can move with only one truck and thought of us.

My favorite item ~ a leapfrog toy that you put letters into and it tells you the letter and then makes the sound the letter makes! Letter sounds are what I'm working with D on right now ~ how cool is that!? God is SO Good!

Oh, and as a personal mommy blessing, she brought a rhubarb pie that her mom baked today! Nobody in my family likes rhubarb ~ so it's all mine mine mine! YUM

As I type this ~ I'm watching the news (I've been so consumed with things this week that I haven't seen any news) ~ Please say a prayer for the Japanese as they deal with the aftermath of this devastating event.

On that note ~ May God watch over all of us. Happy St. Patrick's Day friends.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's A Jungle Out There

We started our new unit finally! Our new theme is "Jungle."

My Desktop Background

We'll be learning the color Green, and the letter B. Our number is 2 this week, and our nursery rhyme is "I Had A Little Nut Tree."

Am I the only adult who has never heard of this nursery rhyme?

Since I'm having a hard time finding what will work right for G, he is going to be doing D's unit with us with some added math.

G is just getting over being sick, and tonight his dad asked him if he was going back to school tomorrow. His reply ~ "Yeah, homeschool." I'm loving that he's being so open to this, it sure makes the decision to homeschool feel right.

Check back later this week for more updates.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley

The boys and I are doing a Flat Stanley unit in school. It will be an on-going project that will be sent all over the world, and we'd love to send him to YOU! Please email me if you'd like to show Stanley around and share your visit with us: myschoolhome [at] gmail [dot] com

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Want a FREE book?

A fellow home schooling mama is hosting a book give-a-way. Stop by her blog to enter yourself to win!

I want to win The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner.

How about you?

Mooooving Right Along

I finally had a chance to get a library card (had to wait to get mail that would work to prove my address is in this county). So I picked up some homeschool books for myself & some cow books to go with D's curriculum theme. We're going to finally finish out "first week" (that we've been doing for a month) this weekend!

G is sick, and has been home all but one day this week. Most of his time is spent sleeping, but when he's awake he's been having fun with some learning websites I found and added to his computer profile. I'm getting closer and closer to just pulling him out of school all together. I know he's been sick and that makes for a calmer kid anyway, but he's been a little angel this week since he hasn't had to be drug (literally) out of the house for public school.

In other news ~ I gave up facebook for Lent. I'm loving all the time I have to work on homeschooling my kidos now.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Moving Stinks!

Not a thing to report on the homeschool front! I still haven't been able to finish our classroom up between moving and C's doctor appointments. It's in progress though, and I've been searching for curriculum to try out.

C's EEG was interesting to say the least. She was kept up all night so she would fall asleep for the EEG ... HA! For 3 hours we tried to get her to conk out (even tried a sedative) but she was too stimulated from the new environment. G slept through the entire thing, and I fell asleep about 10 times though. :) C was quiet for the testing though, and they did get a read. No seizure activity was recorded - so now it's back to the psychologist to find out our next step.

Until I can get my house organized we are just learning as we live. D will continue his 1st Letter of the Week stuff until we can do an actual week working on it - he's loving it and becoming obsessed with cows! G is continuing to work on addition because it keeps his mind busy.

I'll be back to posting when I get everything done around here.