Monday, March 28, 2011


Sorry I have been so absent ~ ok really I'm not, but I am glad I'm here for a quick update.

Canning facebook has been amazing! Not only am I not on the computer for facebook, but I am not on the computer much for anything else either.

We have been having fun learning & growing as a family. We have been making bread again. (Thank you hillbilly housewife for a great overnight bread recipe!)

I started school this week & I'm happy to report that it's going amazing! I love being in school, and having my kids homeschool is making ME want to do well in school too.

Ok, that is all I have for now ~ I'm off to bed. I will try and post a proper post tomorrow after I get done with school & housework.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Unpacking Feels GREAT!

I finally unpacked the boxes in my homeschool room tonight! It felt great to finally get that done. I'll take some photos tomorrow and post them.

I've been doing a lot of praying lately about the decision to homeschool, both about if I'm making the right choice and about money concerns. We'll tonight He answered in the form of a teacher's kindness. One of G & C's teachers at the PS is moving this summer, and tonight she knocked on the door with boxes full of children's books, educational toys, and some other odds and ends. She is cleaning out her closets so they can move with only one truck and thought of us.

My favorite item ~ a leapfrog toy that you put letters into and it tells you the letter and then makes the sound the letter makes! Letter sounds are what I'm working with D on right now ~ how cool is that!? God is SO Good!

Oh, and as a personal mommy blessing, she brought a rhubarb pie that her mom baked today! Nobody in my family likes rhubarb ~ so it's all mine mine mine! YUM

As I type this ~ I'm watching the news (I've been so consumed with things this week that I haven't seen any news) ~ Please say a prayer for the Japanese as they deal with the aftermath of this devastating event.

On that note ~ May God watch over all of us. Happy St. Patrick's Day friends.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's A Jungle Out There

We started our new unit finally! Our new theme is "Jungle."

My Desktop Background

We'll be learning the color Green, and the letter B. Our number is 2 this week, and our nursery rhyme is "I Had A Little Nut Tree."

Am I the only adult who has never heard of this nursery rhyme?

Since I'm having a hard time finding what will work right for G, he is going to be doing D's unit with us with some added math.

G is just getting over being sick, and tonight his dad asked him if he was going back to school tomorrow. His reply ~ "Yeah, homeschool." I'm loving that he's being so open to this, it sure makes the decision to homeschool feel right.

Check back later this week for more updates.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley

The boys and I are doing a Flat Stanley unit in school. It will be an on-going project that will be sent all over the world, and we'd love to send him to YOU! Please email me if you'd like to show Stanley around and share your visit with us: myschoolhome [at] gmail [dot] com

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Want a FREE book?

A fellow home schooling mama is hosting a book give-a-way. Stop by her blog to enter yourself to win!

I want to win The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner.

How about you?

Mooooving Right Along

I finally had a chance to get a library card (had to wait to get mail that would work to prove my address is in this county). So I picked up some homeschool books for myself & some cow books to go with D's curriculum theme. We're going to finally finish out "first week" (that we've been doing for a month) this weekend!

G is sick, and has been home all but one day this week. Most of his time is spent sleeping, but when he's awake he's been having fun with some learning websites I found and added to his computer profile. I'm getting closer and closer to just pulling him out of school all together. I know he's been sick and that makes for a calmer kid anyway, but he's been a little angel this week since he hasn't had to be drug (literally) out of the house for public school.

In other news ~ I gave up facebook for Lent. I'm loving all the time I have to work on homeschooling my kidos now.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Moving Stinks!

Not a thing to report on the homeschool front! I still haven't been able to finish our classroom up between moving and C's doctor appointments. It's in progress though, and I've been searching for curriculum to try out.

C's EEG was interesting to say the least. She was kept up all night so she would fall asleep for the EEG ... HA! For 3 hours we tried to get her to conk out (even tried a sedative) but she was too stimulated from the new environment. G slept through the entire thing, and I fell asleep about 10 times though. :) C was quiet for the testing though, and they did get a read. No seizure activity was recorded - so now it's back to the psychologist to find out our next step.

Until I can get my house organized we are just learning as we live. D will continue his 1st Letter of the Week stuff until we can do an actual week working on it - he's loving it and becoming obsessed with cows! G is continuing to work on addition because it keeps his mind busy.

I'll be back to posting when I get everything done around here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Photo Review

It's been a long week but I did manage to snap a few photos to share. Enjoy

G and I had a fun week trying to separate school from home school. I'm trying to find fun ways for him to learn while giving him more advanced things that he's not getting in public school yet. I can not wait to get my room up so we'll have our own space for learning!

G using his counting stones.

Counting his stones without me seeing he's counting them.

We found a cool experiment to do with milk and food coloring

oooo look at them move!

D & I mostly had a learn how to learn week. We are going to be doing the same letter of the week over again because we didn't have a lot of time with trying to move.

Getting ready to make our cookies.

Our Square Cookies :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We're Back

I have a new computer ... I love deals on trade radio programs! I'll get to working on my "wrap up" post.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I never liked that circut board anyways!

I crashed my computer. :( So until I can afford a new one my posts will have to be mobile. Other than that our week is going pretty good. D is loving having something to do that's all his. We made square cookies today and worked on drawing lines (I realized we'd have to figure out HOW to draw basics before he'll be able to trace stuff). Teaching G is going to be a learning experience for mommy - getting him to listen is going to be my first lesson and finding how he'll learn best follows. Last night we did a simple experiment with milk and food coloring. He ate up doing the hands on fun stuff. We are gearing up for a move next week and I can not wait to have a room solely for learning! My bedroom just doesn't hack it - they only want to see what they can check out (get into) in there. :) My week wrap up post is coming up soon hopefull with photos - if I can get to the library or something.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Who We Are

The following was to be my blog description, but it was to big. So... scratch that... now it's a post.

This is the story of one woman’s journey to educate her family and really prepare them for life outside her home.

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6

The woman is a wife, a mother, a teacher, a peace maker, a cleaner, … you get my drift. The Daddy is a hard working man. He is a loving husband & father who loves music, mechanics, and electronics of all kinds. The Children are as follows:
G - 6 years o
ld is his father’s child! He too loves electronics and doing anything his daddy does. He is currently enrolled in public school for kindergarten and home schooled.
C - 4 years old is our little Buggy. She has autism and is currently enrolled in public school in a LD class. She will remain so as she loves going to school and is thriving in their system. We are looking for ABA home based curriculum to work with her at home as well.
D - 3 years old is the Charmer. He is a little sponge for knowledge and the reason I seriously started looking into home schooling. He is currently doing the Letter of the Week curriculum as well as our family studies.
R - 1 year old is quickly turning into another Charmer. He follows mommy around the house saying, “mom,
mom, mom,” over and over again. Mommy loves hearing it, but sometimes wishes he would expand his vocabulary.
G - 3 months is our Gracey Girl. Her middle name came from God’s Grace in our families’ lives and how powerfully we were feeling it just before her birth. She nurses, sleeps, and hangs out in her sleepywrap on mommy.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maybe I Shouldn't Read Other Blogs...

... it kind of makes me feel crappy about how boring mine is.

Ok, down with the self hate & time to remind myself that these blogs have been in the works for months and years.

Yesterday was a cleaning and research day so not a lot got done on the home school front. D did a cow craft with daddy and G completed an addition worksheet. The counting stones are working so well for him and I'm happy to announce that the reward chart is a hit! Tonight he came into my bedroom to announce that he had eaten all of his supper so he earned a point. This is a wonderful accomplishment for both of us because it's been a pain to get him to eat any mean lately.

I downloaded Home School Tracker today and had fun putting in assignments the boys have done and jotting in the journal. I told the husband I'm going to try out the free basic software for the summer and if I like it, I'll purchase the full version. I can already see we'll probably be making that purchase.

I also linked up with some great bloggers today. If you love to read blogs like I do you should check out Follow Me Wednesday and add your blog.

So there you have it, my day in review. Hope to see you back!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Learning Boards Are Up!

I’ve put up some learning boards for the boys to show them what they are working on that week, and to show off their accomplishments.

Right now our ‘classroom’ is in my bedroom, but when we move next month the room I had thought would be a playroom will now be our classroom. Daddy
brought me some thick cardboard they use to protect lawnmowers at work to use as ‘cork board.’ YAY for recycling!

G’s Learning Board

G’s board is pretty blank right now because we just decided to do school with him and I don’t have a lot set up yet. The yellow paper is his first learning assignment. He did a wonderful job using the counting squares and the addition board I made for him.

G’s Counting Board
& Stones

I planned on purchasing the blocks used for counting, but as I was thinking of things to help him until I could buy them I had a DUH moment. We have about 500 of those darn aquarium stones to use! I also recycled the lids from my magic bullet blender (that I’m sad to report died last week) and glued them to a piece of cardboard. Voila!
I’ll try and capture a photo of him doing his addition later this week.

D’s Learning Board

Now this board I’m proud of! The entire top part is the crafts I did for his nursery rhyme of the week, Hey Diddle Diddle! The middle is his shape, letter, and number for the week. The right side is what he’s been working on, Bessie the cow coloring page and his squares.

My little brother and his friend were over today & D was
so excited to show off his homework to them! Then when Daddy came home he got to show off Bessie the cow and his squares again. Oh and by the way he named the other cow (the moon jumper) Moo. Bessie and Moo are his two closest friends this week!

And finally …
The two things I didn’t blow up on the boy’s boards are their rewards charts.

G’s Reward Chart

D’s chart is basically the same, but altered a bit for his age. I knew I was going to have to come up with a way to get G to want to do his work, and this is the first thing we’re going to try. When the play station is missing after public school tomorrow I’m sure he’ll be wanting to earn some time with it. Now I just need to make Daddy a chart so he can earn time too. ;o)

So that’s it folks, our school is up and running! My life literally revolves around home school now - finding things for them to do, ways to help them accomplish to do’s, and praising them for what they can do. I wouldn’t want life any different than it is right now!

What's Going On This Week

Ready, Set, …. LEARN!

What Brought Us To Home School
D is my 3 year old who is insanely jealous that C & G get to go to school. The first day C went to preschool he laid on the floor of the garage and cried for over half an hour. Since we moved to a bigger town I was hoping to get him into head start, but they were full. I had to come up with a new plan!
I’ve always been interested in home schooling for many different reasons, namely what public schools teach for science. I’m not opposed to teachin
g Darwinism, but only as a theory, not as fact. If our children are going to be taught one theory, they should also be taught others as well, in my opinion.
Another reason is because I want my children to become socialized. Yes, I realize this is one of the biggest arguments against home schooling, but I think it should be the other way around. Call me crazy, but I don’t think sending your child to the same school with the same 20 or so kids for 13 years socializes them. I want my children to socialize with many different people from all different ages and backgrounds.
I have a ton of other reasons, but we’ll cover that in a later post.

This post is about where we are this week (our first home school week!).

D is so excited to start “going” to school. He has been
playing with my ‘cow over the moon’ craft for days, and telling the other kids, “this is for me to take to school.”
The theme of the week is Cows. We have already started learning the rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle. We will also be learning about cows, reading cow themed books, and putting together some cow crafts.
D’s vocabulary word this week is calf.
The letter of the week is A. We’re going to learn what sounds “A” makes and trace the letter on a work sheet.
The shape of the week is square. After learning about a square we’re going to make square cookies to share with the family for an after dinner treat!
The number of the week is 1. We’re going to trace the number and he’s going to bring me 1 of some different things in our house.

1st Grade
G has been expressing interest in being home sc
hooled, so we’re going to try it out. He’s currently in kindergarten at our local public school, but it’s a monstrous fight every morning to get him there. When asked why he doesn’t want to go he tells us it’s boring. Yes, I know all children express boredom and distain of school from time to time, the problem I’m having is that he didn’t express any of this at his previous school. Oh how I miss that school & the teachers we worked with! He loved going to the other school, he loved his teachers, he loved his classmates, and he never got bored because they worked WITH the children.
When he started that school he was behind his classmates and was put in preschool in the afternoons so he could catch up. Now it seems he’s ahead of his classmates, and I know from personal experience that makes for a poor out
So, as I said before we’re going to try home school out for him. He will still be going to kindergarten, but I’m going to start him on some first grade curriculum at home.
This week we are working on addition from 1-10. I will probably do some research on some other subjects to start working on, but that’s all I’ve accomplished so far.
If things work well for the remainder of the school year and through the summer, he may be pulled completely out of public school next year. I’ll keep you posted.

Family Curriculum:

This week we will be learning about Adam & Eve. We’ll read a children’s Adam & Eve story and they are going to color printouts of the story.

Since daddy is the musical one in this parenting crew he will be doing the music teaching via guitar lessons. I’m still researching how to go about teaching music basics, but plan on finding a curriculum to teach all the kids notes and such.

As we continue this home learning journey I hope to add more things to our family curriculum.